Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sun worshiper

As this man relaxes in the sun he is photographed soaking up the sun. His naked torso is quite pale, his penis and genitals are small and his pubic hair is sparse.
His buttocks are also pale. The suns rays will soon infiltrate his genitals and his butt crack to give his nakedness some color.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Nudist butt and reeds

This naturist turns his back on the beach to study the reeds in the sand dunes. He has a fine butt for his age and it still, no doubt gives a lot of pleasure to all to all those who sample its delights.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Nudist exposes his anus.

Male nudist, early 40s, relaxing in secluded beach location, in the process of turning over. He is naked apart from a white sun cap, and his smooth buttocks and small genitals are exposed. It is not clear whether he is rubbing or holding his left buttock with his left hand, or more deliberately spreading/opening his butt cheeks to show his anus.
His shoulder has sand on it and his arm and back appear tanned although his thighs, legs and buttocks are pale and haven’t seen a lot of sun. His small ball sack is puffy, pink and lumpy and covered in goose bumps. Only the wrinkled end of his small stubby flaccid  penis is visible.
His virtually hairless butt crack is fairly open and his clean brown anal ring is almost fully exposed.

In the second picture he deliberately  pulls his butt cheeks apart to fully expose  his anus. Although most people keep intimate areas of their bodies private, we all have an anus so lets not get too hung up about it! Be nude, be free.

Average male naturist with small penis.

"Male, average build, nudist, mid 40s, relaxed, secluded beach location, arms behind his head, average facial features, clean shaven, small wrinkled  flaccid uncircumcised penis, shriveled virtually empty ball sack, sparse and thinning pubic hair, slightly flabby lumpy chest, sunken nipples, smooth slightly parted thighs.
Unlikely to have given his consent for this photo, possibly taken by opportunist into small cocks. Photo may be circulated on gay porn sites whose followers like middle aged men with small genitals, otherwise unlikely to cause much interest.”